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What can the Drummonds do for you?

At Drummond Consultants we strongly believe in taking a holistic approach to your organisation's needs. Very often in business the focus can be on driving sales revenue, and while we understand that this is a key element to any successful business, we will tailor make a package to treat all elements of our clients' business from formalising internal structures to tapping into what motivates your team all the while keeping a focus on the bottom line.


Driving business to your organisation is the key to success. Having a sales and marketing plan to drive that business is even more important. Allow us to guide you through the process of formalising a sales and marketing strategy, tapping into our wealth of knowledge and networks to help your organisation shout " we are here".  

Sale & Marketing


We can guide planning, market analysis and feasibility studies to establish where your product sits within the competitor set. We then work on where you WANT your product to be.  Often this results in a re-positioning of your product in the local and national market place.

Product Positioning


As the face of your business, the people who work for you are key to your organisation's success. What motivates them? What drives them to achieve big things for your business? Team building or one-to-one coaching of your employees can assist with productivity and a healthy work-place dynamic.

Team Performance Coaching



We offer the opportunity to formalise your organisations internal structures where necessary, including reporting structures,  SOP establishment, budget writing & implementation, merchandising and buying strategies. All of which will assist in regulation and achieving formal accreditation within the Irish tourism industry.

Organisational Structures


Ensuring your guests, visitors or customers feel valued is an often over-looked sales tool in the arsenal of an organisation. Driving loyalty and repeat business is key. Communicating correctly and within the confines of GDPR is of utmost importance. Growing and maintaining a loyal, local client base is crucial. 

Customer Satisfaction


What have you done for your client's lately? Do those who direct their business your way feel appreciated? Are they likely to move their business elsewhere?  Allow us to create a bespoke plan to ensure your most valued relationships are nourished and watch as a result grow. Or do you need an experienced event manager to assist on a specific event or project? Contact Aisling.

Corporate Hospitality


Where does your business come from? What other segments should your business be targeting? What works best for your hotel, property or organisation? Allow us to complete in-depth market segmentation analysis to plan ahead and achieve budget expectations. 

Markt Segmentation Analysis


To be the best you must feel your best, both physically, and more importantly, mentally. Drummond Consultants offer team coaching and one-to-one coaching with your sports team to motivate and drive them towards winning or back from injury. Allow Craig to get into the mind set of your team, find out what makes them tick and what fires them up. From sideline analysis to dressing room speeches, his experience as a championship winning coach is what your team needs. 

Sports Psychology
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